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Police Scanners – Hand Held Digital Police Scanners

Hand held police scanners are becoming popular and we can help you with offers with the best scanner features, also fun and easy to use.  As we know Uniden is the leading manufacturer of digital scanners for trunking. Over the years, Uniden scanners have improved considerably in terms of technology and ease of use. Now the scannser are much easier to use and some features conveniently accessed at a touch of a button. The Uniden Scanner is user friendly and it is easier to organize trunk number and programming them. This is highly recommended for first time users and you can go to the website and download the applications you need. The preprogrammed features afford convenience for the users. For more advanced users, updates on applications and options are available. All you need is a personal computer and an internet connection, and then you are good to go.

Hand police scanner offers high signal strength to give the user a clear and enjoyable scanning experience. The Uniden scanner receives signals from up to fifty miles away, now that is quality. Another great feature is the compatibility for with the various trunk systems available. The scanner comes with complete options like preprogrammed channels, settings, software for downloading applications, accessories, and other vital information. Visit the website and find out about the latest features and models. You can choose from various models and choose the one with the options you like.

If you are new to scanners, they are radio receivers, otherwise known as a police scanner. They are a vital communication tool used by the police, security guards, fire department, taxi, airplanes, and radio enthusiasts. The scanner picks up the signal of a channel that is active and then moves on to find other activities in other channels. The Uniden Bearcat scanner allows you to do that and more. Invented in the 1900s and intended for police use. In the past, the scanner only has four to eight channels and the channels are fitted with a crystal for each frequency. Today, cutting edge technology replaced crystals with computers. If you like listening to police activities, gossips, or simply as a hobby, a scanner is an affordable and fun item. Many hobbyists exchange ideas and stories all the time in the forums. Go ahead, get one, and know the latest current events.

Uniden Bearcat scanner is compatible with trunking system. Now you can monitor the public safety agencies, police, fire department, traffic, emergency dispatches, water filtration, snow emergency, even the sewage department. These trunking frequencies are also known as talk groups. The latest feature of the Uniden Bearcat scanner is the Close Call feature. This latest capability allows you to monitor the radio transmission even if you do not know the local frequency. At an instant, the scanner will zero in to the radio transmission of the police or the emergency dispatch frequency as long as the channel is engaged. Now is the right time to buy a Uniden scanner and get the story as it happens. Whether you are a hobbyist, working in the media, or a purist, this is the best hand helo police scanner in the market your money can buy.

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Handheld Police Scanner for Beginners

Handheld police scanner

Today, a handheld police scanner is a popular and preferred device by numerous hobbyists, writers, law enforcement agencies, reporters, and civic groups. A beginner may choose from a wide array of brands, make, models, capabilities and advancements. Listening to police broadcasts has become a favorite pastime for many hobbyists around the world. A scanner can capture and store frequency ranges like UHF and VHF. When you buy a scanner, it usually has pre preprogrammed frequencies that are most likely popular in the area, which includes highway patrol, forestry, coast guard, 911 dispatches, harbor patrol, and the local police force. It is an exciting and fun activity for those who love to listen.

Handheld police scanner brief history highlights

1970 is a time when scanners become one of the most popular listening devices next to a boom box. From that time on, users quickly grew, as listening to raw, live police broadcasts delights thousands. During those times, the older models require crystal chips for each channel, as most of the scanners back then usually have only four channels. Technological advancements allowed for scanners to possess greater capabilities. The digital age dawned and the crystals are replaced by electronic chips. Such technology allows the scanner to store numerous frequencies. The older models became collector’s items.

At the dawn of digital scanners, many listening enthusiasts were pleased by the features and quickly replaced the old models to digitals scanners. The electronic chips not only allow the users to store thousands of channels, but also scan quicker and reach farther than the old versions. Many delight in its modern features, sleek looks, and compact size. Despite the advancements made, the scanners have few limitations. First is the range of the antenna. The portable antenna can only reach a few miles, which means it can only scan frequencies in a few miles radius. Second, the modern city now has trucked channels, which has numerous frequencies in each channel. Accessing these channels calls for larger scanners which higher capabilities. Trunked channels are essential in large cities, so as to accommodate its numerous government and private entity users.

The legal restriction of handheld police scanner

According to the law, owning, purchasing, and listening to scanners are perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with listening to public broadcasts. Even so, the government set restrictions of modifying the scanner, in order to listen or eavesdrop to encrypted messages. These messages are sent to and fro government agencies and are not for public consumption. Anyone caught modifying or owning modified scanners will be imprisoned. Such law has been passed since the 1990s. However, listening to public broadcasts such those of police, forestry, local news reports, highway patrol, boarder patrols, and coast guard are legal. In fact, the scanners are not only exclusive to enthusiasts and law enforcement agencies; they are also used by field reporters, writers, and researchers for information. Even Mr. Incredible has one for his moonlighting hero work.

Add-on and legal scanner modifications
The handheld police scanner can be modified by adding additional features such as speakers and external antennas. External antennas can amplify the range of the scanner significantly, allowing listeners to scoop frequencies from far away places. Speakers, on the other hand can also amplify the volume, in order to allow groups to listen to broadcasts. Other add-on features are perfectly legal, for as long as the scanners are used for personal enjoyment and research.

The advantages of scanners

Civic action groups, concerned citizens, off duty police officers, and hobbyists can put the scanner into good use. In many cases, the government issues warning about impending natural calamities and rescue operations. Everyone hearing the message and spring into action, or at least warn others. Listening to live broadcasts, according to hobbyists is a pleasurably and fun activity, shared by thousands all over the world. For novice hobbyists, choose a scanner that is affordable and has simple operating procedures. Choose a handheld police scanner for your personal enjoyment or use it the power of information to help others.

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