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Uniden Bearcat Scanner Programming Manual – Uniden Scanners Manuals

Manuel for the uniden bearcat scanner with programming instructions with step by step easy instructions for a uniden bearcat and police scanner instructions.

Some novice users have a hard time understanding Uniden Bearcat scanner manual. In no time, you will be scanning through the latest incidents, emergencies, discussion, reports, highway patrol chases, latest weather updates, and many more. Programming your scanner is really easy. You only have to do it once then you are good to go. In order to make the most of your scanner, here are some of the models featured in this article and how to program them the first time.

This is for programming Uniden Bearcat scanner manual for BC 140: Programming the BC 140 model is very easy. It has user friendly interface that allows you to program the frequencies of your choice including the weather channel. First you need to have the list for frequencies you like. Press the manual button and enter the channel (channel 1 for example) then press manual button the second time and then corresponding frequency, then press enter. Your frequency is stored. Do this step for the next channel. After entering you list of frequencies, press the scan button.
Now this time, it’s for programming Uniden Bearcat scanner manual for a BC 72XLT unit. This model specializes in fire-fighter and police frequencies. It will allow you to listen in to emergency response calls for fire and police assistance within your range. To turn on the unit, press the power button and the scanner will immediately scan for active frequencies. To top it from scanning, press the manual button. Then press the E button to allow you to use the keypad for keying in the frequency number. After entering the frequency number, press the E button again to complete the programming and the frequency entered is now stored in to the unit’s memory.

Finally, the following is the instruction Uniden Bearcat scanner manual for bank scanner model. Channel banks are the easiest way to store frequencies. A frequency is equivalent to one channel and can be stored into one of the “bank”. The channels have similar frequencies including fire, police, etc. The bank scanner has ten banks and can store up to twenty frequencies each. You can easily program these channels into the banks. Get a list of the frequencies which belongs to a department. For example, the police station has three frequencies; you can store them into the bank of your choice. Then add another bank for the fire department, emergency dispatch, highway patrol, etc. first, press the hold button and key in the channel number. After entering the number, press function and program and the channel number shows up in the screen. Then enter the frequency number including the decimals if they are included. Then press the enter key which is represented by the letter E. to enter the subsequent channels, press the function and enter buttons then key in the frequency number and again do not ever forget the decimal point. Continue doing this until you have all the frequencies in a bank. As you can see, the Uniden Bearcat scanner manual is not so hard after all, wasn’t it?